Economic Development


Opportunity for Economic Development abounds throughout the Greater Windsor area. The Village and the Town are both eager to welcome individuals with interest in establishing or expanding a business.


The primary reasons businesses are so successful here include the following:

  1. Excellent transportation. We are well served with very easy access to Route 86, Route 81 and Route 88. These major roadways transport residents, your employees, your customers and your products easily.
  2. Low cost of real estate and housing. Nowhere in the northeast will you find more affordable housing, land, or existing buildings for your business and your employees.
  3. Land Use regulations that actually encourage the small business operator. Recently enacted Land Use regulations within the Village of Windsor now make it easy for an entrepreneur to find just the right location to set up shop within our pedestrian friendly village.
  4. Excellent work ethic and an educated workforce. If you are looking for a highly energized and motivated workforce you have come to the right place. We have the luxury of a well trained and educated workforce. The area is supported by the State of New York University at Binghamton and Broome Community College. Both of these institutions are nationally recognized and continue to receive great praise as schools delivering tremendous value for the cost. Binghamton University annually ranks very high on the National “Public Ivy” schools listing.
  5. Proximity to large population centers. Windsor is just 20 minutes from our County Seat of Binghamton NY. The Greater Windsor area is easy to reach from several large population centers making it easy for your customers to get to you or for you to get your products to them.


For those interested in opening or expanding a business venture here in the Greater Windsor area, the Partnership may be able to help. If you need assistance in finding a realtor, a bank, or contacting local government officials, please call or write the Windsor Partnership. We are here to help in any way possible.

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Current officers are:

President- Ken Wiley

Vice President- Sue Rambo

Secretary- Tom Murphy

Treasurer- Elaine Card

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