Windsor Is Your Community!


From its village block layout and close knit neighborhoods, to its active community groups and organizations, to its generations of families that stay and call it Home, Windsor is the definition of the word Community.
It is often said that you can tell how active a town is by looking at their parades. In busy towns like Windsor, there are as many people In the parades as there are watching from the sidewalks.
We enjoy the benefits of many organizations whose names are familiar world-wide; Lions Club, Knights of Columbus, VFW, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and 4-H.

Then there are the other groups; the ones dreamed up right at someone’s kitchen table here in Windsor. These are the custom-made organizations that benefit the town in a unique and specific way. Some of them would be the Windsor Pool Association (to rebuild our Community Pool in Klumpp Park), Windsor Garden Group (an unofficial garden club), PATS, PTO, and TPC (our school’s answer to a PTA except our groups are free) and the Windsor Partnership (a combination of chamber of commerce, cultural appreciation, Main St. revitalization committee and so much more).

The fact that our townspeople see a need, fill it, and then keep the club or organization going for 75 or 80 years shows real devotion! Perhaps this is the reason that Windsor has made it past her 200th Birthday!
This is YOUR Town! 

A Great Place to Call Home!

Thank you to all who participated in Windsor's 8th annual First Knight celebration! 

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Current officers are:

President- Ken Wiley

Vice President- Sue Rambo

Secretary- Tom Murphy

Treasurer- Elaine Card

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